Personal statement

Writing a Winning Personal Statement for Your College Application

How to Write an Essay about Me

A personal statement gives students the chance to write a paper about themselves and why they deserve an opportunity to be accepted in a certain college. When writing it, students need to note that they do not have to use other reference sources as the essay is all about them. Who can tell you best what to write in such a paper? You bet there’s no one but you. This is because you know what you like and the things you dislike.

Personal statements entail students opening up their strengths and weaknesses to the world by sharing their sentiments. Sometimes, you may be afraid of vulnerability, and you may not necessarily have to share some details in the paper. However, you must ensure you answer the question that the admissions board is looking for skillfully.

The idea behind college applications is to shortlist the best candidates. Therefore, aim to describe your qualifications and highlight your achievements that may impress the board. Let them know that you deserve an admission and add value by bringing your skills on board. The statement must be formally written. Remember, it is almost similar to a job application cover letter; hence roll up your sleeves and give it your very best shot.

A Captivating Way to Write an Essay about Yourself

Now that you have an idea of why colleges ask potential students to write personal statements in their application, you don’t want to write but to also write a great personal statement. It’s fun to write an essay about you and even more thrilling to have people read it or ask about essays on stereotype. Well, a personal essay will do just that but, you need to follow the considerations explained below if you want to score higher points:

Know the goal

The sole purpose of writing an essay about you is to give people a view of your likings, ambitions, and value for life. Hence when writing a college application essay, you must note what the admission board wants. They are seeking to shortlist the most outstanding candidates from a pool of tons of applicants. Hence, wear your thinking caps because the rubber meets the road, and you’ve got to shine bright.

Prepare in advance

You must avoid being overconfident simply because you know yourself best. Remember that through research, you can learn how to make your essay spicy and present it correctly. Therefore, be open-minded. Note that anyone can write about themselves, but those who stand out for uniqueness are the ones who secure admissions in colleges.


The college admissions board are on the lookout for poorly structured sentences, and badly formatted essays to disqualify candidates. Hence, to avoid being the culprit of such errors, please research how to format your entire paper. Before submitting it, ensure you edit and proofread it severally. You can ask other people to help proofread it just if they note mistakes that you may have omitted.


While you now know that a personal statement highlights your moment of truth and you may want to spice it up, it is important to note that it must incorporate true aspects about you. Avoid copying others or making up skills that you don’t possess. Instead, strive to write an authentic paper.