Personal statement

Writing a Personal Statement for College Application

An Overview of a College Application Essay

For one to join college or university, you are expected to make a formal application, often accompanied by a personal statement. Many students attest that, however simple writing an essay about themselves sounds, they encounter challenges because convincing an admissions board isn’t relatively easy. 

Sometimes, one may be given the parameters to write about, and in others, you have the discretion to write the personal essay; however you deem necessary. While it may sound like an easy process, students must note that the college admissions board receives numerous applications and are on the lookout for the most deserving applicants.

Therefore, students applying for placement opportunities should aim to write not only compelling essays but truthful. Remember that you are not out of the woods yet; after a personal statement comes an oral interview. If your personal statement is accepted and you are called for a one on one consultation, you will be required to explain yourself to assess whether your essay attributes truth. Hence, please avoid lying or trying too hard to impress the board. Attempt to be honest and authentic. Also, do not be a show-off.

Executioner Tips for a Great Personal Statement

When composing your college application essay, some of the points mentioned below can prove helpful:

  • Avoid general things that are common. Instead, look for the one thing that is rare to find in other people. Talk about that, and you will impress the board.
  • You don’t need to show perfection. You can highlight an imperfect scenario but pinpoint your best attributes.
  • Stay in the context of your main point. It is easy for students to get carried away when writing an essay about themselves.
  • State some challenges that you may have encountered and highlighted how you came out of the situation. You aim to show the board that you can handle tough situations.
  • Have you failed in life? You bet the answer is yes—many times. Tell the admissions board how it affected you and the lessons you learned from failure.
  • Finally, show some level of commitment. Present an idea of how you can be of positive impact when enrolled in that college.

When writing a personal statement, an important thing to note is that you do not have to share all details about you. Be conscious about what you want to share and feel comfortable about it. Sometimes, students shy off from such essays due to the fear of getting mocked. Hence, it is vital to note that the admissions board constitutes professionals, and you do not need to be afraid of expressing yourself in the paper.


Many college applicants are scrambling for enrollment to Ivy League colleges just like you. Hence you must realize that much as the essay is about oneself, you compete against hundreds of applicants, if not thousands. Consequently, if followed, the above tips can guarantee one an excellent paper that will secure them admission to that coveted university or college.