Personal statement

Writing a Personal Statement for College admission

Merits of College Life over High School

You are done with high school, and you are on to the next chapter in your academic life and ask about order essay online . The thought of college excites you. This is most especially because a college has several advantages compared to high school, and they are stated below:

  • There’s freedom on campus because most students live far from home.
  • The units you study in college are fewer from those in high school.
  • The numbers of lectures per day are fewer than the block timetable in high school.
  • You can enjoy a social life and continue with academic life uninterrupted.

Having stated the pros of college over high school, let’s then demystify a critical aspect when joining any campus. Many college admissions boards will require applicants to undergo an aggressive recruitment criterion that involves ascertaining that an applicant deserves the admission. The selection enables entries to only give opportunities to scholars who write their statements most compellingly.

The College Admissions Selection Criterion

There are very many colleges that one can apply for admissions. But some universities across stand out and tend to receive more application requests than others. Have you been eyeing that Ivy League college? Well, your dreams of joining may come true if you possess the skills noted below:

Academic Qualification

The foremost thing that the admissions board will check to qualify or disqualify a student is their grade. Academic qualifications matter because you cannot be accepted for a course simply because you like it. Before applying for a course, please browse through the colleges’ website or read its catalogue to assess its requirements carefully. If you meet the required standards, you can proceed to hand in your application.


Before getting an acceptance offer letter, students are required to write a personal statement of about 500 words describing why they should be considered for admissions. If you write an impressive statement, you bet you will receive an oral interview call. Therefore, when presenting these two elements, ensure to bring you’re A-Game on. Be confident, and don’t be afraid to express yourself.


Many colleges tend to favor applicants who have more than grades. They look out for other skills such as debating, sporting etc. Extracurricular skills are essential, and colleges assess them in their applicants because students can use them to participate in competitions such as Moot competitions for Law students. When students engage in such forums, they put their college in the spotlight positively.


To guide you to write a great personal statement that will impress an admissions board, students should end in mind. Ask yourself, what is the board looking for? When and after you know what they expect from an application, you can then tell them why you deserve a chance.

Writing a personal statement is one of the easiest and fun tasks. This is because you get to write about yourself in the most compelling manner that will impress the board and end up giving you an acceptance letter.

Of importance to note when writing your statement is that you are not the only one writing it, and it will be the first thing that the admissions board use to either qualify or disqualify candidates.