Cover letter

Overview of a College Application Cover Letter

How to Structure Your College Application Letter

At some point in your academic life, you must encounter a cover letter. The most common place to find one is in college when applying for admission. Throughout the US, many colleges prescribe all applicants present this paper that determines one’s acceptance or rejection by the college. It is mostly viewed as a do or die moment by many students, but it doesn’t have to be doomsday for you. Read the tips below and learn how to write an impressive application.

  • Conceptualize your thoughts
  • Be straightforward
  • Be innovative
  • Seek advice from family and friends
  • Alter and proofread your essay


Beginning an essay is usually the most challenging part of writing your cover letter. But, you can develop a blueprint that can guide you to improve the flow of your ideas. Conceptualizing your thoughts enables you to arrange your points systematically without deviating from the main point.


When explaining your candidature to the admissions board, try to be direct. Avoid beating around the bush as this may be a put off to the recruiters who are usually tired from reading tons of application letters. 

Whereas you already know what the college admissions board is looking for, attempt to genuinely answer the question without being overly optimistic or trying to outsmart everyone. Note that you cannot impress the recruiters by being a showoff.


Are you able to think outside the box? Can you make a reader feel your essay by imagining they were part of a story? Well, the college recruitment department is looking for students whose papers standout.

Seek advice for a second opinion

Besides yourself, who else knows you better than your family members or close friends? You bet they are the ones who know you best, probably even better than you know yourself. Therefore, once you are done drafting your cover letter, have them go through your paper and give you feedback about it.

Make alterations

If they like your thoughts and presentation of ideas, you can then edit your paper to ensure you present an academically qualified essay. Note that this is an essential step in your cover letter as it helps erase any mistakes from the application essay.


Scholars ought to be smart in their presentation. As a senior, you should note your vast achievements that will make up a significant part of your admission application incorporate scholastic execution, test scores, and extracurricular inclusion. Hence, attempt to highlight moments that will implore the board to offer you placement opportunity. Remember, you don’t have to only concentrate on your winning moments, but you can also incorporate a moment where you failed at something and the lessons you learn. This way, the board can deduce that you have a resilient spirit that doesn’t quit easily.

While a college application letter is considered as one of the gutsiest essays that a student must write, it can make or break your chance of admission to your college dream. However, try not to let this alarm you! While the paper is an essential tool that colleges use to comprehend you better, it is only every once in a long while that one has to write a "deciding moment paper."