Personal statement

How to Write a Personal Statement For Your College Application

A Standard Format for Your Personal Statement Essay

Writing a personal statement may be daunting for students making applications to colleges. This is because they are open-ended; hence students tend to get confused about writing one professionally. They find them hectic because of the mental torture of knowing that the essay will determine whether you are accepted or rejected for enrollment to the college of your dreams. We understand how heartbreaking it is to be denied admission, and that’s why we have a standard structure that can guide you to write an appealing statement.


This is the first section after your title, and it should provide an overview of the entire essay. To attract the admissions board, start with a banger like a thought-provoking statement that will entice them into reading your whole article. Remember that it is at this stage that one attracts or loses their reader; hence you need to craft your intro skilfully.


This is the section that carries the weight of your personal statement. Therefore, attempt to use correct grammar and syntax. Your paper's layout should be systematic where new ideas are presented in a new paragraph, whereas a paragraph should not go beyond four lines. While writing the essay, always ensure that you do not deviate from the main point as you may lose readers.


Summarize your main ideas in the conclusion section. Though it is a summary, always attempt to briefly but skillfully explain your points by providing solutions or posing a call to action challenge. Also, note that many examiners will only read your introduction and conclusion. Hence you must ensure that such readers get the gist of your essay from reading your conclusion.

How to Present a Professional College Application Essay

The audience of a personal statement is usually the college admissions board, and they follow strict guidelines when assessing applicants’ qualifications. Below are some tips on how to impress them with your writing skills:

  • Use formal language when writing your paper. Avoid using slang as you may put off the admissions board once they come across your application.
  • Stay in the context of your topic. Avoid deviating from your main idea by nailing the question directly. Get direct to the point, and don’t try to overexpress yourself.  
  • Research. An impeccable college application letter is usually based on conductive research. Much as you are writing about yourself, be on the lookout of how others do it.
  • Layout. The flow of your ideas is determined by how well you structure your sentences. Also, the right syntax keeps readers engaged.

The secret to presenting a persuasive paper is by using an appropriate tone while communicating your message. To do so, understand your topic's context and then explain your points while considering language that the board can relate to.


As an applicant to any university, one must realize that they are competing against hundreds of applicants, and of course, none of them wants their college application to be denied. This, therefore, means that students must give the essay their best as it is dependent on it as only those who stand out will secure placement opportunities.