Cover letter

How to Write a College Graduate Cover Letter

Guidelines for Writing a Professional Cover Letter

A powerful cover letter is decisive in determining whether a college graduate gets shortlisted for an interview in a job application. Success means everything, and you must aim to write an outstanding cover letter. To help you do so, read this article and learn how to structure your paper:

1st Paragraph- Give a brief introduction about yourself

To start, greet the human resources manager or the head of the department. Tell them your name, academic qualifications, work expertise, and which position you are applying for. A typical example is:

"My name is John Wess from Massachutess and I recently graduated from Oxford University with a Bachelor's of Science in Computing Sciences. I have an ICDL license and I'm applying for a position as a Software Developer Assistant at Solutions Everywhere Inc. I have amassed some web development skills and other IT experience from working as an intern while in college."

2nd Paragraph- Show relevance

You want to tell the recruitment that besides academic qualifications, you possess other skills related to the job and add value if given a chance. Below is an example:

"Besides English, I can fluently speak and write in Chinese considering how often you partner with China in matters relating to IT hardware purchases."

3rd Paragraph- State your expertise

Employers are mostly looking for candidates with some level of work experience. This is because recruitment is a cost to any organization, and after you hire a candidate, depending on the position, they might have to go for training paid by the company. Hence, to avoid such costs, they will be keen to assess whether a candidate has considerable experience. An example of how to express your skills is shown below:

"During my college life, I had the opportunity to volunteer in OWester Consulting Inc. where I was directly working under the ICT manager. I got exposed to matters relating to providing IT support to colleagues such as internet connection, and project presentation formatting."

4th Paragraph- State why you deserve the job

A cover letter is not complete until you highlight your convincing statement. Therefore, while trying to convince the recruitment department, please state why you are the best fit for the position. Below is an example of how to do that skillfully.

"When I saw the vacancy advertisement for this job, I knew I worthy of consideration. I am ambitious and vibrant about anything that is IT related. I wish to make a name for myself as one of the most competent IT Solutions in the World someday."

5th Paragraph- State a Call to action

You must show the recruitment that you are eager to discuss the job aspects in person at length during an interview. While stating your call to action, ensure you do it politely. Below is an example:

"I look forward to hearing for you. I'd really love for an opportunity to discuss my suitability for this job. Kindly consider me."


When drafting a cover letter, a graduate needs to realize that the paper must be written formally. The above guide is a sure guarantee for an excellent application letter. All the best as a job hunt!