Personal statement

Guidelines for Writing a College Essay Personal Statement

Significance of a College Application Letter

Do you want to boost your chances of securing placement in a university or college? Well, let’s try to understand why colleges demand for them and the significance of a personal essay:

  • Assess whether an applicant is academically qualified
  • Ascertain that the board shortlists only the most deserving applicants
  • Develop a niche of students with diverse skills
  • Know your intention for joining the campus

A personal essay can make or break your chances of getting enrolled in a university or college. Therefore, students must accord it the attention it deserves. Before starting off to write the essay, you should familiarize yourself with other information about the institution besides academic matters. For example, find out whether its students participate in competitions. If so, have you ever participated in one? If the answer is yes, then here’s the place to tell the board about your other skills. Also, have you volunteered in activities that give back to society? If yes, highlight it in your paper too.

Common Pitfalls When Writing a College Application Statement

One cannot afford to submit an essay with errors, as this is detrimental to their application request status. Many examiners at the board only peruse through your paper, looking out for mistakes to penalize applicants. Some of those mistakes include: 

Grammar related issues

The effect of submitting an application letter with grammatical errors and misspellings is detrimental and forms the gateway for your essay to be declined. To avoid such mistakes, students can run their personal statements on Grammarly, which improves your paper's grammar.

Poorly constructed sentences

Examiners at the admissions board only peruse through the many articles submitted as they are time-pressed. Hence, students making application essays must write their papers with proper syntax where the flow of ideas is quickly followed when reading the article.

Plagiarized content

The aspect of originality cannot be overemphasized. Hence, when submitting a college application essay, always ensure that its content is not copied from someone else. The act of stealing information is commonly referred to as plagiarism, and it is academic malpractice.

Spinning content

Sometimes students try to be cunning by repeating the same ideas but in a different manner. Kindly avoid such mistakes as they are likely to cost you points when the admissions board notices that you lack content, and you keep spinning what you’ve already explained.

Writing out of context

Relevance is vital when presenting your college application letter. You need to ensure that however interesting your life is, not everything should be presented in the paper. It is easy to go out of context, and that’s disastrous to your statement. Therefore, students should keep reminding themselves of what questions they are answering.


While we acknowledge that no one is perfect and that mistakes are part of life, please avoid those mentioned above while writing a personal statement. Realize the value of that paper and its significance towards your college enrollment. Every time you are asked to do an assignment, always refer to the above guidelines, and you can be sure to submit an academically accepted paper.