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How to write a College Cover Letter

You don’t have to wait to apply for a job when you graduate from college. There are many students just like you working part-time and earning an income while on campus. Many jobs out there are looking to recruit ambitious scholars who are aggressive. If you belong to this category of scholars, then this article is meant for you.

You have come across a job vacancy that you believe you qualify for and quickly run to dust your cover letter or edit it. Well, we will have a look at how to draft a cover letter that is to be mailed physically and one that is sent via email:

Example 1- Sample of a physically mailed cover letter 

Richardson Farouke


[email protected]

Adams Boulevard, California

90002, Los Angeles


Camilla Houston

Houston and Sons Inc.

Arrow Highway

90002, Los Angeles


2nd October, 2020


Ref: Application for Assistant Accountant Position

Dear Madam Houston,

My name is Richardson Farouke, and I am interested in the above mentioned vacant position in your company for an assistant accountant. I am a student at the University of California, Riverside, and I hope to graduate in the fall of 2021.

As an intern, I had the opportunity to work in a packaging and distributing firm as an Accounts assistant in 2018-2019. I am also the clerk in our Church Youth Department. The experience of working in these two organizations has not only increased my working knowledge as an accountant, but it also helped exposed me to developing a great team spirit.

I am time-oriented and possess good organizational skills. I believe that I am qualified for this post and that my attention to detail will help in my career growth if given a chance.

My resume is herewith enclosed, and I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to discuss my suitability for this position in person; and you can reach me at 555-4452-3351.

Kind regards,

Richardson Farouke

Example 2- Mailing your cover letter on email

Most organizations have gone digital, and the most common way they expect job application letters to be sent is through email. Below is a sample of how college students can write a cover letter while sending it via email.


From: [email protected]

To: [email protected]


Ref: Application for a Digital Media Executive Position

Dear Mr. Harvey,

My name is Nancy Jenny, and I am pleased to forward my candidature for your kind consideration in the Digital Media Executive position. I am a Bachelor of Commerce 4th Year student majoring in Marketing from Princeton University. 

I am an extrovert and find professional purpose in interacting with diverse clientele online. I am currently a blogger and vlogger, where I have mastered communication and market research skills for the past two years and three months.

I am a fast learner, and due to my work nature, I have mastered the art of keeping up the trends in society; hence, my skills would be handy for this position.

It would be my utmost pleasure to be considered for the post. If given a chance, I can prove my skills by efficiently and effectively executing this position's duties to help achieve your overall goal.

Kind regards,

Nancy Jenny